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Highly Durable: natural quartz is the 4th hardest mineral on Earth. DesignerQuartz is made with up to 93% natural quartz. This makes DesignerQuartz highly durable and scratch resistant. This allows homeowners to enjoy an everlasting surface.


Stain Resistant: DesignerQuartz surfaces is non-porous, making it RESISTANT to STAINS. The non porous surfacing also prevents bacteria, mold/mildew growth and buildup inside the surface.


Maintenance Free: Unlike granite and marble, DesignerQuartz does not have to be sealed or treated. DesignerQuartz offers you a maintenance free surfacing solution


Eco Friendly: DesignerQuartz material is made with recycled as much as possible. DesignerQuartz recognizes the importance of being eco friendly. Together we can bring a better future.

"100% of our resources is dedicated to catering to our clients’ quartz needs. Designer Quartz offers more flexibility and easier access to decision makers than any of our competitors. Bottom line, we are here to serve you." - DQ

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